TED featured Afra Raymonds TEDxPortofSpain talk as a talk of the week.

Each week TED selects four of their favourite talks, highlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Afra’s talk was chosen. Congratulations to Afra and the TEDxPortofSpain Community.



4 thoughts on “TED featured Afra Raymonds TEDxPortofSpain talk as a talk of the week.

  1. Public corruption has been demystified appropriately by Mr. Raymond. Although we knew of its presence all along, our tacit sanctioning was perhaps with a hope that the practice will cease, or evaporate, or the loot will be used for the public good, somewhere else. Irresponsibility by public officials is acknowledged in Nigeria, as Achebe says in The Trouble with Nigeria (1983), “60 percent of the wealth of this nation is regularly consumed by corruption” (p. 40). Similarly Afra confirms that two of every three dollars of public funds are either stolen or wasted here. One billion dollars was stolen from a 1.6 billion dollar project at Piarco, Trinidad. We are outraged, horrified and determined to reverse the complacency about it. The unprecedented 24 billion TT bailout of a private company with taxpayers funds that is defended by a democratic government against those whose funds are being stolen, is a tyrannical outrage. George Ayittey’s Africa Unchained, (2005) logs the 21st C equivalents there. Duke sang, “How many more must die?” and he passed on. Will we blindly bequeath this brazen barbarity to our children?

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