VIDEO: Early Morning Interview – 10 April 2012

On Tuesday 10 April 2012, JCC President Afra Raymond appeared on CNC3 with Hema Ramkissoon and UWI-based Political Scientist Dr. Hamid Ghany to discuss ‘Governance and Government’.

  • Programme Air Date: 10 April 2012
  • Programme Length: 0:33:02


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Early Morning Interview – 10 April 2012

  1. Afra you did a great job! Not sure i can say the same for your esteemed colleague. His position appeared to be biased and almost making excuses for why the Government fails to enhance good governance.

    1. Thanks, Josh!

      Hamid Ghany seemed to be saying that nothing changes or ever will and that is alarming coming from the Dean of Social Sciences in the UWI….

      I have the opposite view of course, so we will see what is what, eh?


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