The Colman Commission – Afra Raymond’s PowerPoint presentation

This is what I submitted to be made evidence: Download The CL Financial Bailout PowerPoint presentation or view below

The Bailout Timeline aroused great concern, with one attorney going so far as to call for the removal of the photos since they might be seen “…as a rogue’s gallery…” Another area of concern was the inclusion of the phrase “…final and fateful…” to describe the CL Financial AGM on 23 January 2009…yes, folks, that is the same one that gave a glowing account of the group’s plans to find opportunity in the global storm, a mere 10 days after writing to the Central Bank for urgent financial assistance and only 7 days before the MoU was signed. Of course, all of those objections ignore the fact that this timeline was published here in ‘CL Financial Bailout – Retirement Planning‘ on 28th April 2011

The Governor of the Central Bank slide was also the source of tremendous concern as no-one even wanted to call his name or the title of his office…VS Naipaul really had it right when he spoke of ‘…a thing with no name…‘ Again, the fact is that every one of the statements cited in this slide come from the Governor’s prepared statements, as shown in the footnotes.

The Commissioner, Sir Anthony Colman ruled that the requested changes would be made and that slideshow can be seen here on the Commission’s website.


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