Property Matters – Property Taxes 2010

I have included my new series of articles on the proposed property tax here on my website. You can access the articles on it page by clicking the “Property Matters” stub above or by clicking the Title links to retrieve article.

Title Abstract
#1 – An overview The recent proposals for a revision of property taxes have met with a heavy round of criticism. Apart from the government, there have been few supporters for this new tax.

#2 – The Challenge for the TTRA The challenge for the newly-founded Trinidad & Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA) is considerable, given the depth of criticism against the proposed review of property taxes.

#3 – The proposed 2010 Review This week the actual proposals of the Ministry of Finance are examined. The proposed review is formally set out in the Property Tax Bill 2009, which is to be tabled for debate.

#4 – The Central role of Local Government reform This week I am drawing some conclusions on the property tax proposals, together with a presentation of the corrected data.


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