VIDEO: Throwing Light on the Constitution

parliament-logoJosanne Leonard interviewed Afra Raymond on Monday 12th June 2017 on how the three parts of the state work against the backdrop of constitutional issues such as the separation of powers, the quality of representation and the size, origin and role of the Cabinet. Video courtesy Office of the Parliament

Programme Date: 22 May 2018
Programme Length: 00:21:37


VIDEO: “Bussin’ Files” at The Big Black Box on Wednesday 11 October 2017

This is the talk I did at the inaugural edition of the “Bussin’ Files” series at The Big Black Box in Port of Spain on Wednesday 11 October 2017. I discussed, the importance of information; our attitude to the truth; the deliberate concealment of facts; the Bernard and Uff Reports into construction sector misconduct; the CL Financial bailout; our false sense of superiority and some other matters. Video courtesy PixelPlay Media Limited.