VIDEO: “Caribbean Bridges” Ep. 4 – TIEF from TIEF MEK GOD LAUGH!

It is no laughing matter when it comes to corruption in high and low places. Little and big bribes, kickbacks and dishonesty…Can it be cleaned up?” Caribbean journalist from Barbados, Julian Rogers interviewed Afra Raymond along with Dr. Troy Thomas former Head of TI Guyana, who successfully challenged the EXXON-Mobil contract in October 2020 in Guyana’s High Court and Ms. Jeanette Calder the Executive Director of Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal on transparency and corruption on his show “Caribbean Bridges”. Video courtesy Caribbean Bridges.


4 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Caribbean Bridges” Ep. 4 – TIEF from TIEF MEK GOD LAUGH!

  1. Afra, what prompted you to seek info. on hotel earnings during Covid 19?
    What is our accountability framework besides the toothless PAC?

    1. Hi Indra, I am not clear what remark of mine you are referring-to…I did make reference to the question of rents paid by the State and whether those had been renegotiated downwards since the onset of COVID-19…has that happened?

  2. Hey Afra, Trust you are well.  I’m writing to ask for a good headshot of you and any branding I can use to go along with a listing I’m creating for your blog and podcast.  I have a site called and I’m creating directories of local blogs and podcasts and of course I’d like to feature yours.

    I’ll let you see what your listings look like when they’re up.

    Be well.

    Peter Anthony Gales 868-290-8584

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