VIDEO: Webinar on Transparency in Procurement – 26 January 2020

Afra Raymond and Caribbean economist Marla Dukharan have a conversation on the decline of the Corruption Perception Index ranking for Trinidad and Tobago in 2019/2020. The topic is “Transparency in Procurement or Blindness to Corruption.” Corruption is not getting better in Trinidad & Tobago, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index. Marla interviews Transparency Advocate and Activist Afra Raymond to explore:
  • How Trinidad and Tobago is performing in the Corruption Perception Index
  • The current status of procurement legislation
  • Proposed amendments related to Government to Government and PPP agreements.
Programme Date: 26 January 2020
Programme Length: 47:47


One thought on “VIDEO: Webinar on Transparency in Procurement – 26 January 2020

  1. A coalition of the willing is needed to insist that this public procurement act becomes law without the lessening of its powers to secure the country’s best interest. No institution is free of corruption and no one will admit of its silent sanctions openly. Like killer drones and stealth bombers, greed, selfishness and deceit consciously accompany the best of contracts. Someone said of jurisprudence that it began with Ten Commandments, yet human progress is still guided by new acts and bills and laws. Afra’s confidence in our progress is positive and admirable, but the histories and literatures of the world etch our recurring proclivity towards shameless egotism, unwarranted gluttony and brazen duplicity. Colm Imbert’s habitual deferment and stated unpatriotic willingness to make us economically subservient to first world economies exemplify that last quality of brazen duplicity.

    Our children’s minds are bifurcated. On the one prong is an innate truth that is associated with their growing conflicts involving, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, social-media virtual and known persons and places, and others whose influence is verbally moral but whose actions openly conflict with their words. On the other prong is an immoral reality fed at every level overtly and subtly, yet often also fed simultaneously with the words and actions of the former group. Our children’s decisions are based on education and collaboration. Unfortunately their scope of virtual learning resources vastly exceed ours and their learned experiences, like Trump’s recent exoneration, befuddles logic and make them easy targets for the experienced heads of the killer rich. Our task is massive and honourable and it must be borne with dignity, fearlessness and clarity of its long-term objectives.

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