VIDEO: Interview on ‘People About Nation’ on Synergy TV

synergy tvAfra Raymond talks about corruption with host Keenan Munro on his show ‘People About Nation’. Using examples from the research Afra has done, the conversation delves into the pattern of corrupt practices in the nation from CL Financial bailout to other local issue. Video courtesy Synergy TV

Programme Date: 9 May 2019
Programme Length: 00:44:11


One thought on “VIDEO: Interview on ‘People About Nation’ on Synergy TV

  1. It amazes me that what took five years in the 1960s now takes longer with top of the line technology (as with the Caribbean Court of Justice -CCJ) available and an impressive cadre of qualified or at least certified administrators. This is indeed the sad tail of two cities, PoS and Sando. Satnarayan Maharaj called for Tobago to be first but I’ll leave that for the political pundits.

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