VIDEO: Interview with Abby Martin obo the Allard Prize Foundation

This is my interview with Abby Martin, a journalist working on behalf of the [Peter] Allard Prize Foundation, on the scope of my work with a focus on my anti-corruption work. Ms. Martin compiles videos with select nominees for the Allard Prize for International Integrity, of which I am one.

  • Programme Date: Saturday, 19th January 2019
  • Programme Length: 00:22:44

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Interview with Abby Martin obo the Allard Prize Foundation

  1. Note the sustained silence of successive finance ministers and others about the sustained theft or loss of two-thirds of our annual revenues from the 1970s to date, yet they persist in increasing taxes, fines and prohibitions on the masses. TSTT CEO earns $180,000.00 per month plus perks and one minister says it is standard practice, but the CEOs and board members are not liable for the economic, human resource and production mismanagement and corruption of their enterprises. We must teach this brand of economics and business policies at our schools.

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