This is the video for the recent webinar in which we discuss the recently-released Corruption Perception Index:

  • The current state of corruption in Trinidad & Tobago
  • From accountability to enforcement: What is missing?
  • Specific steps that need to be taken to improve transparency

Programme Date: 6 March 2018
Programme length: 57:12


6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Webinar featuring Caribbean Economist Marla Dukharan and leading Trinidadian Transparency Activist Afra Raymond

  1. Afra you spoke about the corporate veil, what about the cabinet veil? Will they still have the final say on awarding contracts, or be able to override a procurement officer?

    1. Good Question…The Cabinet Veil as you call it, is not an absolute, since the Freedom of Information Act, at its first of ten classes of exemptions, allows that Cabinet documents (including decisions) are exempted from publication…but that exemption is a) not absolute, none of the ten exemptions are, they are all to be subjected to the Public Interest Test as specified in S.35 and b) even if the exemption is properly applied, the details are only protected for 10 years…
      On the other issue Cabinet will have its role in the award of state contracts severely curtailed, if not ended entirely, upon the activation of the new Public Procurement system…

    1. Hello Indra,
      No, I do not have a copy of the Colman Report into the collapse of CL Financial and certain of its subsidiaries…that has been passed to the DPP since its completion in June 2016…it has effectively been suppressed…Of course the Colman Report into the failure of the Hindu Credit Union group was published in July 2014, immediately upon its completion – see here –

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