VIDEO: Interview on CTV on Duprey’s gambit to regain control of CL Financial

Afra Raymond speaks to Ria Roopchandsingh on the ongoing CL Financial bailout debacle in light of the renewed threats by Lawrence Duprey to regain his company. Video courtesy CNMG.

Programme Date: 29 May 2017
Programme Length: 00:16:27


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Interview on CTV on Duprey’s gambit to regain control of CL Financial

  1. Hi Mr.Raymond, THANK you for all you do for our nation, but maybe you can start using Twitter as a media to reach a wider audience and get out the Critical and Necessary information our nation Needs. It worked for both the trumpet and obemee. One of my Twitter accounts is @trini4justice.

    1. Hi Trinijusticetv,

      My work is also on Twitter at @afra_raymond

      Please spread the word…



  2. An annotated summary of Afra’s interview on 29th May with Ria Roopchandsingh of CNMG.

    Mr Duprey orders four state appointed directors to be removed so that he can regain full control of C L Financial Group. This exemplifies how exempt the rich is from the law. How much money was advanced to the group? Amazing as that sounds, unpaid debts multiply exponentially at the highest levels and no government official or none of the many other silent beneficiaries makes a public statement. The plan to repay is not accessible though aired repeatedly and Mr Imbert has claimed on 18th May 2017 that the quantity moved from 5 billion to 27.7 billion yet many claimants have not been paid. Further is Mr Duprey’s integrity, as the executive chairman of a failed conglomerate from which he fled and now wishes to barge into like an infuriated hen, assessed? Fit and proper rules must guide this institution and as the Central bank can no longer direct its policy then who will? After that is determined, how will the group be administered? Are sealed hearings and the suppression of information on matters involving public money legal? Do fiscal matters justify immoral and corrupt administrative action by government officials? Should state enterprises be funded despite years of not accounting for their excessive over-expenditure, poor service and corrupt practices? These questions have answers that most know but the nu-judicial system partners with the looters and so the saga lives.

    Note that international investments are as corrupt as possible and there are digests like the Ethical Alliance daily news reports online of many global conglomerates that are spiked with improprieties like bribery, inhumane acts to workers, innumerable misappropriation of funds and of sanctioning violence to competitors and others like whistle-blowers. Daily news reports are saturated with other instances, yet the law needs proof that laws have been broken. 1984 has been reborn, or did it die?

  3. Afra:
    The pragmatic issue here is what’s best for the country, and government control or a fire-sale of CL assets is infected with government corruption, bribery and political intrigue. The shareholders have a right to take back their companies and the government has no lawful right to prevent it. Besides, Government will only run the companies into the ground destroying its economic value.

  4. Privatization, the Privy Council and the upper class have always legally exemplified what is best for this country and our corrupt government is only useful when the chips are stolen…i mean down.

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