AUDIO: Interview on the return of the CL Financial chief

power102fmThis is an interview on the issue of Lawrence Duprey regaining control of CL Financial…Richard Noray and I were interviewed by Andy Johnson on ‘Impact TT’ on Sunday 30th April 2017 on Power 102.1 FM. Audio courtesy Power 102.1 FM.

Programme Date: 30 April 2017
Programme Length: 00:33:14


2 thoughts on “AUDIO: Interview on the return of the CL Financial chief

  1. Thank-you for sharing.This is indeed interesting.
    Mr. Raymond you have been fighting for this matter for a long while but it is not culture for a “one man” battle to reach far in Trinidad.Don’t be offended by my example but I saw Mr. Wayne Kubalsingh fight a “one man” battle(though different from yours) a couple of years ago,and he lost. I personally would love to see white collar criminals go to jail and repay their debt to this economy.This is a good time to gain allies Mr. Raymond,allies who would assist in lobbying for the desired information and actions that are helpful to the economy of T&T with regards to CL financial.Who are your allies?Do you have any?Everyone understands what you have proposed to accomplish but does the citizenry really support this cause?Are there members in parliament who stand by this cause? If there are citizens and parliamentarians in favor of all that you have proposed and requested concerning CL financial and T&T’s economy,is it possible to group these persons and intensify your approach?I mean you can have numerous individual battles which would have impact or just one battle with a strong crowd of allies.Keep sharing!

    1. Hello Camille,

      We are indeed at a very difficult moment in this struggle…I do not think there are any allies in our Parliament, it does not matter who is in power or any of that usual stuff…this is a case of interests which span both sides of the so-called political divide, so there has been little but meaningless grandstanding and so on in relation to this issue…

      Many people express their support for me in discreet and quiet ways and that is always appreciated…with the news at pg 15 of today’s Guardian that Lawrence Duprey is not requesting the State to vacate the CL Financial Board within 7 days, the Public Interest is now in the very ‘Jaws of a Dilemma’ with the State’s negotiating position having been completely compromised.

      Thank you for your support, Camille…

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