VIDEO: CL Financial bailout

This is my video update on the continued suppression of details on the CL Financial fiasco. Where is the Colman Report? Will the Government ever release the details of this $25 BILLION bailout? Who got paid?

Programme Date: 15 November 2016
Programme Length: 08:30

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: CL Financial bailout

  1. you are true coorution buster …

    forget useless TI local chtaer or any oter such .. deal directly with IACC & STAR from world bank.
    and iadb & IMF cartels ..

    Afra please forward your website links on these and more ….from clico & coman and all your info DIRECTLY to IACC ( Transparency International anti corruption team)- hope you attend IACC meeting in PaNaMa dec…
    as fmr local TI director they have always been part of the problem NOT the solution to T&T corruption !!
    the only thing the local chapter will do is host conferences and invite the same white collar cartels politically and business wise to meet & greet the TI intl… as PR ! who fooling who?

    the same PM who got on “wajang” about calder hart & udecott cannot now hold account in parliament…from UFF & udecott To colman and clico & hcu to petrin and jones. and with attnery geral under one alexander place conflict and DPP who is so ” biased” we have no hope….

    seem no integrity in public life board either!! because rowley wants its abolished ! but TTTI quiet as is Tobago in control..
    what hypocrites…
    by the way anything released in parliament is under parliamentary privilege and will not affect any courts orders ( but CJ like PM as also tobago boys so who will guard the guard!!)

    and the same rowley PNM financier in emile leis ( remember landate? ) well emile also controlled JCC & TTTI then

    but now gets big rowley PNM contracts .no TTTI or media scrutiny despite saying much when it was UNC?PPP corruption.. what si good for UNC goose not good for ONM gander !! TTTI hypocrites/ &PRESS no independence..

    all the politically favoured and corrupted .. we have no where to go but down but CPI of 1 … most corrupt .

    but thief from thief does make god laugh so while T&T suffers for hospital . well maintained roads. basic functional utilities all across the country the corrupters continue to be elected and to tief freely..

    but post trump is there any sense of ethics?

    as ever

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