A five-minute clip on the CL Financial bailout, the State and the ‘Code of Silence’ around how $25 Billion of your taxpayers’ Dollars were spent.

At a time when we hear of falling State revenues and we know there is no soap or toilet paper in our public hospitals, this is the story of how $25 Billion of our money was used to bailout the wealthiest man in the Caribbean.

This is the story of the fight by the Ministry of Finance to conceal the details of that massive payout.

Expenditure of Public Money
Minus    Transparency
Minus     Accountability

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: TOO BIG TO HIDE?

  1. Too Big to Hide
    To claim that democracy is even tangentially inferred by the power of the ballot is to ignore its regressive history. Voting by a show of hands, standing in a line headed by the representative, ballots that are voter crafted, colour coded, punched or validated by technological methods are all flawed. Each neutralising the basic principle of democracy: to share the benefits of the state equitably and without bias to any of its citizens. Things like the rule of law, free and fair elections, a just judiciary, transparency and the guarantee of rights to minorities or majorities have been flouted so blatantly by current and past administrations around the world that to claim their efficacy anywhere even when external appearances show them to exist is to be as naïve as the fallen leaf.

    Citizens who believe that their quadrennial or quinquennial votes equate participation are as misled as those who believe that mass movements equate solidarity. In both instances the act requires persistence (as with Afra’s) that few others have either the capacity or time for and this lone fact empowers those we trust to drag legal actions on till its litigants pass away, migrate or have lost their ability to continue. Plaintiffs have won cases and lost more than they were awarded by paying legal fees. Some have never received their awards and yet others have lost all else but their awards. The Black Power Movement here has not transformed the ills of the poor significantly and we are still black ruled. Gender abuse, child and senior abuse are but toppings on the edifice of exploitation of the haves onto the have-nots.

    This bailout is not mentioned by any party currently contesting Monday’s election. If we digest the facts presented by Afra in this five-minute video, we must see how powerless we actually are in this happy democracy. Upheld by the laws whose proprietors insult the institution whether by private or other prod. Two facts stand out. The first is that collectively, we are so used to being exploited that we deem honesty impossible and choose those who we say steal the least. The second fact is that our civic institutions-schools, health care centres, finance institutions and the media backed by laws and police and corrupt others who do all in their power to secure themselves at the expense of those they are paid to serve, are systematically misdirected. So ingrained is this culture that the conscious ones are helpless to address it (with exceptions like Afra and others) and the others function by rote. Our silence makes it too big to hide and too complex to address.

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