Afra joins the top 1% TEDxTalks featured on the website.

Afra Raymond’s talk at TEDxPortofSpain 2012 is part of the 1% of TEDxTalks that get featured on the website. Congratulations to Afra. So far there have been 5,900 events held in 1,683 cities producing 25,500 talks worldwide. Only 247 TEDxTalks have feature on the website and now Afra is one of them.



7 thoughts on “Afra joins the top 1% TEDxTalks featured on the website.

  1. Excellent presentation and congratulations on your achievement. Great that you are keeping the topic relevant and the fight alive.

  2. Proud to see “one of our own” for a change. While I enjoy the many Ted talks/vids, there’s something which can probably be best described as being “ethnocentric.”
    Timely topic.

  3. That was one of the best talks I have ever seen. I immediately bookmarked each website and subscribed to the blog. Although I am not presently resident in Trinidad & Tobago, I aspire to move back home and with hope, these websites will offer me the chance to help. Thank you, Afra.

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