Freedom of Information request for MOU between CLF and the State

FOI ApplicationThis is my application, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, for publication of the second MoU between CL Financial and the State.  At CMMB’s Budget Breakfast on 10th September, I asked the Minister of Finance when this would be published and she replied that there was no intention to publish it.  I followed up with an email to her on 19th September.  That email was the subject of a telephone call from one of the Minister’s staff to advise that a written reply was being finalised for me in the next few days.  Having had no reply, or any explanation of the delay, I published the Open letter to the Minister of Finance on 5th October in the Trinidad & Tobago Review.  This application is made in the belief that the public deserve to know the details of this arrangement.  The bailout is supposedly being conducted for our benefit and indisputably at our expense, yet there is now an open position that its details are to deemed ‘confidential’.  We, the taxpaying public, need to know who exactly are the beneficiaries of the bailout and what are the terms on which those benefits are being obtained.  Anything less than full and immediate publication is a recipe for utter confusion and corruption.


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