AUDIO: Interview with Tony Fraser on CL Financial and the return of Lawrence Duprey

power102fmThis is an interview on Hard Talk with Tony Rackhal-Fraser to discuss the CL Financial bailout with myself and Peter Permell of the Clico Policyholders Group. Audio courtesy Power 102.1 FM.

Programme Date: 12 July 2017
Programme Length: 00:58:34


CL Financial bailout – False Equivalence?

tony fraser article

In today’s world of ‘Alternative Facts’ we have to be alert to the special dangers posed by ‘False Equivalence’. False Equivalence arises when two arguments are presented as being of equal relevance, but in fact one is solidly fact-based and the other is mere speculation or invention. Those dangers are especially present in matters of public importance, as recent events have shown.

Tony Rakhal-Fraser’s Sunday Guardian column on 25 June 2017, titled Appointing ‘Fit and Proper’ People, made me wince, despite his usual high standard of writing. My reaction arose from what appeared to be an attempt by the Central Bank Governor to promote a new discussion on the fit and proper rules. Continue reading “CL Financial bailout – False Equivalence?”