• Public Procurement Reform

The following two articles form part of the Private Sector/Civil Society publication Public Procurement Special in the Trinidad & Tobago Review on Monday 2nd May 2011.

  1. Overview of Public Procurement
  2. State Enterprises and Public Procurement

That special publication gives readers an accessible outline of our Public Procurement positions, with explanation of the background against and rationale with which these proposals were developed. It is part of our continuing contribution to the public discourse on these important issues and the other articles in the series can be accessed from either http://www.tntreview.com or http://www.jcc.org.tt/policy.htm.


One thought on “• Public Procurement Reform

  1. What is wrong with this country? people I have come across on a daily basis are just fed up with the state of status quo. Mr Raymond continue what you are doing an answer to this problem( corruption) will arise someday. I pray to god every day that the Middle east solution to to their problem does not come into fruition. Since the cost to the country will be high. My question are how can teach people to be honest?,How can we punish the gate keepers of our institutions who sell out the country for a money and status?. Ask your self this. where are the guns coming from, the drugs, illegal immigrants?, how is it that a stolen car can be registered in the license office? pressure needs to be placed at the top, but we face the the problem the mighty Spoiler sang about the Magistrate trying himself.

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