VIDEO: Morning Edition Interview – 24 Mar 2011

Afra Raymond sits with host, Fazeer Mohammed on the Morning Edition television show to discuss the Colman Commission into the CLICO/HCU collapse. Video courtesy TV6

  • Programme Air Date: 24 March 2011
  • Programme Length: 0:28:13

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Morning Edition Interview – 24 Mar 2011

  1. Viewed the session. All I want to say now which seems so inadequate is a heartfelt ‘Thank You’. What possibly can be done to force Central Bank officials to release the reports which taxpayers funded? Can’t the Minister/Ministry of Finance mandate them to so do?

  2. trying to view the video from 24 March and it keeps stopping after 2.02 mins when Afra refers to the historic address by KPB ……….. followed by immediate silence
    the tape ends and no matter how many time you try to replay it simply wont go past that point.

    1. Hello Dawn,

      I just watched the first 5 mins of it, so it seems fine now.

      Thanks for your interest


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